Welcome to Salty Sheep™

Salty Sheep is a brand new artisan wool produced locally in Brixham, South Devon, England.  What makes Salty Sheep so special is that it comes from a rare and very old breed of sheep called the Dorset Down.

The name Salty Sheep and our choice of colour palette have been inspired by Brixham, the town and area where we grew up: the rolling Devon hills, the farms, the sea, the beaches, sunshine and salty air. We would like to share our experience with you and we want you to enjoy our yarn as much as we do.

Our Yarn.

At Salty Sheep we care about quality.  Our yarn is one of the highest grades in the country.  The sheep are a breed called Dorset Down and are a rare breed native to the United Kingdom.  According to the British Wool Marketing Board, the wool that comes from these sheep is of the highest quality.  We are told it’s the best wool to use for everyday garments such as jumpers, socks, hats and scarves.  Not only is the wool soft,  it is also durable making it both comfortable and lasting.

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Local Area

Brixham is a quaint fishing village in the Torbay district of Devon. The little town has a history of friendly rivalry between fishermen and cattle farmers which has led to events such as the Trawler Race and the Cowtown Carnival. The town is split into Higher Brixham also known as Cowtown and Lower Brixham which is known as Fishtown. The friendly rivalry still resonates through the town to this day, creating an interesting experience for anyone travelling to Brixham.

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Lovers of knitting rejoice! A brand new, locally produced artisan wool called Salty Sheep has just been launched using fleeces from one of the oldest breeds of native sheep, the Dorset Down reared by Waddeton Barton Farm near Brixham. Anita Newcombe meets the flock.
I am heading over to Waddeton Barton Farm, which has been in the Tully family for over 60 years. It’s strange to be on the bustling Brixham Road…

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Where to buy?

Our yarns are available to buy from our shop in Brixham: The Brixham Sewing Box or by mail-order. For more info contact Sandy on: 01803 883342 or enquiry@saltysheep.co.uk