About Us

Salty Sheep is a locally trusted provider for organically produced yarn sourced in Brixham.  The idea that something could come from our own small town and not somewhere that started off in New Zealand, South Africa or Turkey (all major producers of wool and yarn), was so amazing to us that we decided we had to do it ourselves!  It’s exciting to think that some of the grazing sheep in Brixham, could be next year’s hat or cardigan. And local people have been keen to support us.

We simply love knitting, crocheting and creating different looks with yarns and have always had an interest in wool and textiles.  The whole process from sheep to ball of yarn is organic.  All of our dyes are natural.  We have experimented with many colours and will be adding new natural dyes to our collection.  A close involvement with this allows us to create an individual style that is less achievable in a commercial factory.  The colours we use have been inspired by our love for our local beaches, the sea, sea life and the South Devon coastline.  We have coloured wool and undyed wool available for purchase so that you too can experiment with your own dyes and colouring agents.

About Our Sheep

Our sheep are raised and sheared on Waddeton Barton Farm in Brixham. Therefore the wool is local and known to be of exceptionally good quality. The farm is run by our friends, Farmers, Richard and Jean Tully who we have known for many years.

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