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Brixham is a quaint fishing village in the Torbay district of Devon. The little town has a history of friendly rivalry between fishermen and cattle farmers which has led to events such as the Trawler Race and the Cowtown Carnival. The town is split into Higher Brixham also known as Cowtown and Lower Brixham which is known as Fishtown. The friendly rivalry still resonates through the town to this day, creating an interesting experience for anyone travelling to Brixham.

In the 2011 census the population was estimated at around 16,693 people. This small town’s main industries are fishing, farming and tourism.

The name Brixham comes from “Brioc’s Village”. The name Brioc was an old English or Brythonic personal name, and the ham part derives from Old English ‘ham’ meaning ‘home’.

A Short but sweet history lesson

The history of Brixham is quite deep, so here’s a little about the history that’s not too long or too boring;

Brixham is estimated to have been founded around the Saxon age, it is suggested that a possible Saxon settlement originated by ocean from Hampshire in the 6thcentury or overland around the year 800AD. The Domesday book was a manuscript record of what is known as “the great survey” of most of England and parts of Wales commissioned by William The Conqueror around the year 1086. In this record of the population, the record for Brixham (then known as Briseham). In under a 1000 years the population has risen to 16,693.  Today Brixham is a community led town, rich in history and culture, with something for everyone.  

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